In a time of five years, I had changes position at least 4 times in 2 different departments.  I experience 2 times re-structure of departments.

I was in Curriculum and Professional Development Office as a Technical Assistant.  Then, the department change into Learning Office and I became a Learning Assistant.  Then the department redundant and I move to Human Resources.  I started as Human Resources and Learning Officer, now I am Housing Coordinator.  Our department had changed its manager, one of team member had resigned, we had one in-the-middle team member who not passed probation period, and add more team-member. Imagine that!

Housing itself is never be a boring items.  Never a day come without new challenge or new matters to settle.  As an HR person, I should look into people’s matter (related to their housing) more than the physical or technical matter.  Their house can be good, can be bad, can be nice, can be broken, but the most important is their feeling towards it.  I learned that though the house is completely nice and everything provided, if they don’t feel at home, they will find something to complaint.  I learned that though the house is worn out and dark, when they love if they won’t complain.  The weird is when they love the house and choose it themselves but still complaint about it haha.

I talked to people all the time. Those who need new housing, those who have breakdown in their house, those who need assistance about their neighborhood, the owner of the houses with requests, owner of the houses without request.  Owner of the houses who is not willing to pay for breakdown, owner of the houses who is not willing not pay small bank charges, owner of the houses who wants to take care everything and owner of the houses who doesn’t care of anything.  I collaborated with other departments, I sit in a meeting with them to discuss things for better solution, never a day that I just work with myself.

When I was not in Human Resources department, I keep complained of the manager who acted not human.  Now that I am inside, I had the fear that people may thing the same way about me.  As I am a logic person (that Dani kept says only have high IQ with zero EQ) and a straight forward  character, I may ended up being judged of acted not human.  With that fear, whenever I handle a problem, I asked myself, what way I use? Logical approach or people approach.  When most of the approach is logical one, I feel frustrated that I cant never makes people happy.  When I feel frustrated I suddenly get tired and came advice from a colleague and friends: breath, at the end, though you are so care about your work and with passion does it perfectly, in your deathbed it will only your family around and those is what only matters.  Indeed.

Never dull moments?  No fuss.

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