It’s Been A Year

My last posting apparently still last year, though it made few days before the New Year. Still last year 😛  From January to today, I limit myself from the laptop. If I use it, only to watch movies. Why? Don’t know 😛

But today, Timehop bring back some memories. A facebook status that I posted a year ago without knowing that It’ll will become real only two days after I posted it. When I posted it, I really have no idea that it will become real. An institution I’ve been working for ten years, for a mere weak reason, hit me.

The same person who praised my works  and said their life got easier because my hard effort said that they don’t want me around anymore. The same person who said she is my friend said that I am a burden and unfixable. Those same person whom I trusted broke the relationship in few seconds with harsh words and unethical behavior. In few second they placed me as I am a public enemy, banned me from my personal stuff and my desk, and made me a persona non grata in a spaces that I accomplished.

After a year I wonder what happened to these people? Did they feel their wrongdoing and grew better? Or they are live happily ever after like Cinderella and the Prince?

What happened to the person, was my subordinate who told big lies he has Hepatitis and Diabetic, up to? Still protected and telling more lies? Perhaps.

What happened to the person, was my superior who hates me but covering the hatred in blanket of I-only-a-door-away? Still blanketing her wrongdoing with naive acting? Perhaps.

What happened to those person, was people who threatening me morning and night, texting and calling in the middle of night and weekend as they can’t solve their home problems and feel easier to blame me or disturb me for it? Still disturbing people on their private times? Perhaps.

What happened to those people, who act nice and mighty said they are my friend but not even saying goodbye not even comforting me on my last day? Still blankly think they are God’s angel? Perhaps.

But the most important for me, what happened to me?  Am I still focus on these silly characters? Come on, what the benefit I gain to focus on these silly characters who I knew only brought me into the deep darkness of sadness?

Bye bye past!


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