I spoke to my superior because I am sad.

In the meeting, I felt so humiliated. There are four people in the side of the landlord, they denied that they sent the nasty texts and called me liar. They looked at my direction in hatred and underestimating attitude and reject all my statements.

There was sit the finance manager who doesnt say a thing but nodding and the notary that more focus on the agreement. They didnt take my side yet cant find a better solution.

Then I took sometime to find more evidence in my files or so. When I came back the situation is changed.  The landlord rudely said: I am not talking to you, I have no business with you while the finance manager hushed me off to side to something with the computer. I feel humiliated being isolated but cant really do anything heroic.

That’s what I report to my superior. I cant accept that humiliation professionally.

Then she said something thats shocked me.

That nasty landlord report to big boss that I was asking for money. Commission or whatsoever asking whats-in-it-for-me? WHAT? I knew some people are unbelievable but meet a person that purposely lie and then tell another lie to bring me down was shockingly unimaginable. Not only jaw drop, but back and forth I just cant believe God let an evil person like that to be alive healtily and gain alot of money.

That day is the first time ever I meet him. I didnt know his number or email. How I ask?

Worse to that the finance manager believes him. She said to my superior that she heards the rumor. She heard that I am asking for commission and receiving tip, landlord is not happy (one prove but heard lot of rumor of unhappy ones), but basically she doesnt trust me and doesnt think I am doing a good work (rather believes in rumor).


She reminds me of the black lady that fell hard few years ago. Same pattern. She doesnt believes good people, humiliating good worker, underestimating anyone and so bitter. The fallen was so hard and sad. She left a bad name.

I guess it doesnt need a genius for same prophecy towards her.

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