Travelling Alone

I am a loner.   I don’t remember since when, but every year, I will take sometimes for myself to be alone.  I usually took some days to be away from my home and from my work.  Usually overseas, to new country I never visit before.  I like to learn about new things, learn about the... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary

For many years in my life I wrote a diary.  I started it when I was still 14 years old.  I like to buy a nice writing book, sometimes with colors in its different pages and with a perfume scent.  Sometimes I buy those with a lock on it.   I wrote about my daily life. ... Continue Reading →

Rain and So

This week came with rain.  I think it is weird, since we are no longer in wet season here. Now is May, we supposedly see the spark of Summer.  The week before was so hot.  I think the Summer has an early bird. I was wrong, indeed. We are here in a don’t-know-what-season situation. Out... Continue Reading →

Let the Pile be Pile

Ever watch the series MONK?  A series tell stories about a super genius detective with a strange habit. He never touched anything before wipes his hands several times or wash it completely whole. Obsessed to cleanliness that is? Or maybe over-hygiene? Or could be phobia to germs? This lately I got a feeling that I... Continue Reading →

Inferiority Still Haunting Me

I suddenly think about all yearbook that I missed. I only have 2 yearbook from my educational years.  One from High School, where only a blank page with my names and my address on it and a mistaken birth date. One from University years, where my name doesn't even register in any department. How come?... Continue Reading →

Checking on Clothing

I remember once, my sister, while she was studying in the University, asked me to buy her a new pair of jeans. I say yes, with one condition. She has to sorted her clothes collections ~~which is could be use for 4 season, of the many kinds of it~~, send away those she doesn't need... Continue Reading →

Limited Dream

This morning I was click on someone's facebook unintentionally. She works in the same place with me but I am not her friend. Why not? Well, let me tell you why.... She and her friend are kindda a popular girls. Whenever ther is an office party, they took the role as the singers, or main... Continue Reading →

Demand and Tolerance

Chat this morning with my friend. Bus from home usually arrived at the school around 6:30am in the morning, means, I still have around 45 minutes to play with my computer or chit-chat around with friends. Unfortunately somehow some people unable to understand that and when catch me play they send a complaint through my... Continue Reading →

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