Apa sih yang saya ingin pamerkan dari hidup saya? Tidak ada yang luar biasa. Pinter? Jelas lebih banyak mungkin seratusjutaan orang lain lebih pintar dari saya. Teman-teman SMA saya bukan sekedar lulus S-1 macam saya. Mereka lulus S-2, S-3 bahkan lebih, karena banyak yang berkecimpung di dunia pendidikan menjadi dosen. Cantik? Jelas tidak. Kalau saya... Continue Reading →

Few Words Before Birthday

Menjelang akhir-akhir taun saya sering ga konsen dan banyak pikiran. Satu, kebutuhan natal mendadak di depan mata. True this is a most wonderful time of the year, but it is also true that this is the most spending time of the year. Dulu saya membiasakan diri membeli beragam hadiah kecil, ga mahal, untuk semua kerabat... Continue Reading →


Let's define Pretty. I never feel pretty nor beautiful. First, because since I was little I believed that I am ugly. The reflection that I saw in the mirror doesn't show that I am stunning or something. Not like the other mother in this world that usually praising their children excessively, my mom never praise... Continue Reading →

I Am Different Too

Meg asked me, do you not missed your old days when you are travelling around the nation and backpacking out?  I said, even thinking about  going to Singapore already exhaust me.  Gee. I remember those old days when I spend morning and evening on flight.  Morning one hour or two hours flight to some place... Continue Reading →

Love is Blind, True

I watched a Korean Movie titled: Love and Mind.  A story *fiction* about a man that suffer a vision problem after car collision.  He saw an ugly woman as a goddess.  She was not that ugly, of course, we are talking about movie here 😛 she just have messy teeth and messy eyebrows.  Some says: Love... Continue Reading →

Hang In Unfairness

A friend of mine wrote me an email said “Your friend *read this cynically* came over to visit our office, but she didn’t care to say hi or goodbye to me.  She only make a show-off that she is a good friend with my boss by a loud laughter in my boss’ office”  Before I... Continue Reading →

Dream and Real

I dreamt that I went swim.  As a repeated dream with same theme, I went swim in the lake, in the pool or in the sea.  Each time I feel the water covers my body and gave me a soothing feeling.  I googled to Freud.  Dream interpretation. It says that I might have longing to... Continue Reading →

House and Chores

I believe many housewive or stayed-home mom grow an obsession. Like me. In these twelve years, I moved to four different houses, use three different set of sofa and dining table, bought four computers, four different set of curtains, many different set of bedsheet and dont-know-how-many changes in home decoration things. When a maid worked in my... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know How She Does It

I just read a book titled: I Don’t Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson.  I agree with more than half of that book.  The story is about a Kate Reddy with two toddlers that works as a Investment Manager.  She is with many an a lot of pressure.  From her workplace, an office... Continue Reading →

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