I got a feeling that my past are coming back like the waves of the ocean.  They never go far actually, they are still there, and now they are waving to the shore. To me. For several years, from 2000 to now, I feel lost. Like I suddenly reach age 30 when I was born.... Continue Reading →


Find The Past

I always want to do things slowly. Now I think, I am well adjusted to that new me. See, the high school reunion was over three weeks ago, and I just write it down here, now. ~~what an excuse~~ Other than mobile phone, for me, Facebook and Friendster are great invention. Some of my Friendster... Continue Reading →


Once again, I met some classmates from High School.  We talked about the coming reunion, and catch up of what happened during the 18years when we not meet.  It happen that I don't remember all of our classmates.  I am not the only one then, one of my friends happened to forget just the other... Continue Reading →


I met Pipin! We were having good time and bad time together back to our high school years. Wake-up 4am in the morning, stand still for hours from dawn to noon while carry the 5-kg sands in our backpack, not-sleep for one night before the camp start to prepare our books and our records unified... Continue Reading →

Was There

I visit my old school yesterday.  The building of the school , a shared building with another high school, stands not changed over these years.  Slight change,  actually, considering the paint of the windows and doors.  I always like an old building.  This school eventually one of my favorite.  Though many rumor said there are ghosts there...... Continue Reading →

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