Foto Lama

Buat saya facebook masih tetap luar biasa.  Banyak yang sudah bosan, beralih ke social media yang lain.  Tapi buat saya, facebook masih menyimpan sejuta hiburan.  Saya pernah bermain games keluaran Zynga di facebook. Tapi kemudian saya bosan.  Setiap 8 jam sekali saya menanam dan memanen hasil tanam demi memperoleh keuntungan dan poin.  Jika ada quest... Continue Reading →


Once again, I met some classmates from High School.  We talked about the coming reunion, and catch up of what happened during the 18years when we not meet.  It happen that I don't remember all of our classmates.  I am not the only one then, one of my friends happened to forget just the other... Continue Reading →

Imaginary Friend

Santi Bonis and Kirana talked with dr. Astri and Rami about Imaginary Friends.  I was surprised that Rami has 4 imaginary friends, all boys.  Rami is an adult, for your information. Unfortunately, I only heard the last part of the discussion.  But, I remember Santi said that many many people out there, as old as... Continue Reading →

Was There

I visit my old school yesterday.  The building of the school , a shared building with another high school, stands not changed over these years.  Slight change,  actually, considering the paint of the windows and doors.  I always like an old building.  This school eventually one of my favorite.  Though many rumor said there are ghosts there...... Continue Reading →

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