She won’t be Back

The church members visited the lady and pray for her. Though she was not our member, she was a regular visitor and live so nearby. She was about to admitted to the hospital for a caesarian surgery on the next day. She was nice. Talking about her plan to invite everyone for a retreat to... Continue Reading →

Emotionally Mature

Many times I was wondering of me myself  ~~I mean, in thinking of the constant critics to my personality~~  I know it is very true the saying that there is nothing you can do about being older, but you always can choose about being mature.  I make an effort to be mature because I know that is important.   Though... Continue Reading →

Keep The Distance

One of my weaknessess is I am not able to hide my feelings.  When I am happy, sure my body language, my expression tell people of that.  When I am not so happy, sure people around will sense that. It is so difficult for me to control it. This lady is one of our church... Continue Reading →

Precious Gift

The lady handed a small white envelope to Hiras.  My heart was beating faster.  I don't like what I see. I know it must contains money.  When Hiras told me the amount, I do felt uneasy.  I understand the lady's feeling, and could accept it well.  But, still something inside my head pounding. For these seven years... Continue Reading →

Down the Hill

Yesterday, when I was washing clothes ~~dont ask~~ I got a phone call. One of my church member asking of what happened to his son.  Apparently, the son injured sometimes during the children class on saturday morning, made a pain-swollen in his head. The child admit that the offering car was hit him.  The offering... Continue Reading →

Memorable Wedding

I attend two wedding in this past two months.  Well, I am not kind of person who like to attend a wedding.  Not because I dont like those love and binding ceremony, but mostly because I don't feel comfortable wearing a formal dress and has to be in a situation where I had to fight just for... Continue Reading →

Not Easy

I am a pastor-wife? How's that make my life different? Let me tell you. I am no longer able to show all my expression openly.  I have to be very very careful to see whether what I say or even my body language would make other people offended.  Say that in my position, people are... Continue Reading →

Service and Reward

One of my life-passion is piano. I the sound, I like to play and to be behind it. I learned to play since I was nine years old, and start to play in the church when I was twelve years old. Some other children in my church also take piano course, but then I learned... Continue Reading →

The Pastor’s Wife Touched

“When will Jeremi has a brother?” For this lately few years, I felt so disturbed by those kind of questions. Families, church members, friends, neighbours etc. Most made me upset is the comments: "Why you took so long time, give him a sibbling so the tiredness over." Tiredness over...yeah, in matter that it will be... Continue Reading →

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