Don’t Raise Shy Child

It is very true when you heard the says: Teach the children well, treat them nice and be careful of what you say or do to them, because they remember all! I clearly remember my childhood. Which is quite ironic because I forgot most of my university and after. There are some people that I... Continue Reading →

Walked Through My Life

My one fondest memory of my childhood is that I was always walking from home to school and back.  My father sometimes drive us to school if it is very late in the morning, but most of the days, when no rain, I walked. Fortunately, I always got a school so closed to home. Most... Continue Reading →

A Big Tree

I still remember well of a big tree.  It grew in a field by my house. It might not that big, but in my childhood memory it was soooo big.  In my childhood fantasy, I was in such a forest, with that big tree as my fortress after a hunting all over the place ~~back then... Continue Reading →

Imaginary Friend

Santi Bonis and Kirana talked with dr. Astri and Rami about Imaginary Friends.  I was surprised that Rami has 4 imaginary friends, all boys.  Rami is an adult, for your information. Unfortunately, I only heard the last part of the discussion.  But, I remember Santi said that many many people out there, as old as... Continue Reading →

Memory Wave

Last saturday night.  There were a saturday night's youth gathering program.  The youth from our churches and some churches nearby gathered with the youth from Tangerang's area.  The occassion held in a church in Palem Semi.  Well, while watching them, take some pictures of them, there are two things hit my mind.  First, indeed... I... Continue Reading →

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