Stop Crossing the Ocean

I read the quote in Pinterest, said This is time for you to stop crossing the ocean for people who won't even jump a puddle for you. Gee, that's exactly what I felt sometimes ago. I had crossed the stormy ocean for some people in the last church I served.  But others than felt saved,... Continue Reading →


Wow Number One and Two

What I call reward is this. Big boss once acknowledged my hard work. When we had a small meeting, me, supervisor and him, he told me directly: I would like to say it again, that your hard work is really good. I do appreciate that. Wow number one.  I knew big boss told everyone that... Continue Reading →

I am not Prepared

How long has it been? Seem like thousand years. Thousand years ago , I sat miserably in my desk, underpaid and struggling. At that time I think to myself that it will be real lucky if I can be promoted one level. Now, I sit in another desk. I was not only promoted one level,... Continue Reading →

High and Up

Two months rolling over fast with its pain and problems. Now, it is almost hitting the end line. How happy I'll be when this all over? Our team consist with 4 people including the manager who also oversee of other works related. At the beginning of the year, when I was still learning and adjusting,... Continue Reading →

Scream It Out, Loud!

Even from early this week I already feel like living in somewhat crazy factory.  Problems line-up in my inbox like no end.  I was always exhausted come home everyday after a hectic day full of conflicts,  meetings and never ending problems.  I know working in this kind of real-time service work frame is somewhat will... Continue Reading →

I Still Don’t Like Being Underestimated

Yesterday was raining hard all night. I thought Jakarta will be flooded again, but hence it is not. Today, all clear dry and hot.  The only same things is that when I call the transport office, the number of taxi available is rare 😛 The words that I hear lately is really vary.  From, You... Continue Reading →

What Don’t Kill You

Last night I met my ex-boss.  It doesn't take long for me to know that he was a good employee was to the school I worked. Despite his weakness, he was loyal and only contribute his best toward the work. I had another boss before him that was apparent to be nice but did confusing... Continue Reading →

Three Months Still Moving On

Saya tidak terlalu ingat apa yang terjadi dalam tiga bulan terakhir.  Rasanya hari-hari berjalan begitu cepat.  Bergulir seperti tetes air hujan di dedaunan langsung lepas landas ke tanah.  What’s new? Everything, at least for me. Hampir satu tahun yang lalu saya melamar untuk sebuah posisi.  Waktu lowongan dibuka, posisinya sama dengan posisi saya sekarang.  Tapi... Continue Reading →

Menikmati Hidup (Tujuhbelas tahun yang lalu)

Tujuh belas tahun yang lalu saya memulai petualangan kerja saya di Jakarta.  Jakarta memberi sebuah magnit yang tidak bisa saya tolak.  Bukalah halaman iklan lowongan kerja di koran ternama Indonesia, hampir semua pemberi kerja beralamat di Jakarta.  Saya yang sangat bersemangat ingin segera terjun ke dunia kerja dan melepas identitas sebagai salah satu usia produktif... Continue Reading →

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