I wrote in my facebook "keep wondering why pembantu are many time so ignorant".  A reply came from Mbak Ina, a lawyer and a-long-time-no-see, " are you going? why care about pembantu?"  😛 Working mother in Jakarta had to admit that pembantu is an important part of their lives.  My life will be hard without... Continue Reading →



I know this is a bad sign. Scene one: Whenever I saw this particular person, see her name appear in my inbox or even hear people talk about her, I felt my heart beat faster.  My head start to ache and think about different scene that will involve a terrible disaster toward her. That is... Continue Reading →

They Also Experience

I shared the story of the ignoring neighbour to some friends.  Two of them share similar stories. Ria, was suffer a big loss while her neighbour constructed their house.  One very ignorant worker was taking big woods for construct the roof.  On the lifting session, the end of the woods touch the roof-tile of Ria's house. ... Continue Reading →

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