I don't like cats. For those who loves cats, please open your mind and don't throw the stone at once. Read more and fell free to tear the page only if you had completely finish. When I still live in my old house in South Jakarta area, cats are likely to sleep on our doormat... Continue Reading →


First, Temples

My favorite places.  First, temples.  Second, churches. Third, beaches.  Lets start from the first.  Borobudur and Prambanan, central Java, Indonesia.  I went there many times but never have enough of it. I like to see the majestic form of Borobudur, climb up to the peak of it, walk through the relief bas, see each statue... Continue Reading →

Life’s Exercise

Every now and then I accept the particular news of being transferred to another place.  New place means new life.  Another challenges and another deals. I remember the first five years where we lived in a kind of remoted housing in eastern of Jakarta.  To reach the main road, I have to take a public van... Continue Reading →

Was In LauRakit

Hiras told me a story of his high school. When I went to the best school in town, he went to somehow an unique school in Lau Rakit. That is a remote area in the mountain of North Sumatera.  Being the place of the tribe of Karo. That high school was quite far from his home, and accomodate... Continue Reading →

They Also Experience

I shared the story of the ignoring neighbour to some friends.  Two of them share similar stories. Ria, was suffer a big loss while her neighbour constructed their house.  One very ignorant worker was taking big woods for construct the roof.  On the lifting session, the end of the woods touch the roof-tile of Ria's house. ... Continue Reading →

He is Not a Friend

The neighbour house are fix. Though the bing-bang sound could be heard even in the middle of the night, I was not care.  Hiras was started to feel uneasy when seeing a lot of cement and stones were in our parkway.  He advised the worker to put something, to avoid damage to our car.  The worker promised him that... Continue Reading →


On our way to Carita, Hiras told me that he would like to pass Rangkasbitung. This is a small town way in West Java, where Hiras first time served as junior pastor.  He told me that he rented a quite big house. An ex-primary health care unit, with 5 rooms ~~one main bedrooms and 4... Continue Reading →

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