Santi & Santy

I only have a small circle of friends. Though I considered myself as a friendly person, I dont have as many friends to proved. I am satisfied with what I had, think that maintain the relationship and share times with each one was already made my life busy. Six years ago, I went back to... Continue Reading →

An End

One thing that I ever so grateful in my life was the knowledge and opportunity I got when I join the programmatic research program named SUMMIT in year 2002. The program was very tough. It needs all skills that I had and more beyond. I mostly developed my managerial and administrative skills at this period.... Continue Reading →

Drip in the Dessert

12 September 2004 The last step on the supplementation program in Lombok. Most of the staff is quit, and only some remains stay. I have to stay in Lombok more. This last two months, I only went back to Jakarta because of the meeting and I want to take Kekel to Lombok. Though, the load... Continue Reading →

No Need to Be Sound

Some of my experience working for programmatic research tahun 2004. 6 Maret 2004 I started think that I am a magician - solve everything, even read your mind! That is how I feel lately in the office. My load became heavy, as all kind of work then assigned to me. My boss said that is... Continue Reading →

I could be the weird here

25 Jan 2004 I worked as a Program Officer for a programmatic research targeted pregnant women in Lombok island. The program promotes the need of maternal care during pregnancy plus give kind of free supplements to those who are willing to participate in the program. There are two kinds supplements distributed, one with iron and... Continue Reading →

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