Menikmati Hidup (Tujuhbelas tahun yang lalu)

Tujuh belas tahun yang lalu saya memulai petualangan kerja saya di Jakarta.  Jakarta memberi sebuah magnit yang tidak bisa saya tolak.  Bukalah halaman iklan lowongan kerja di koran ternama Indonesia, hampir semua pemberi kerja beralamat di Jakarta.  Saya yang sangat bersemangat ingin segera terjun ke dunia kerja dan melepas identitas sebagai salah satu usia produktif [...]


I Won’t Forget

A facebook friend posted a status: Please re-posted if you will never forget the 9/11.  I didn't reposted but I surely won't forget. Eventually, after I will be settled in heaven I surely will ask God where are the people who did that! No assumption yet it is predictable, hm? But not everybody think like [...]

Steal from Friends

Did I tell the world that my work is overwhelming? Life is never somewhat balance for me. Once I got nothing to do, now I got a whole bunch of different thing. Not only my hands are full, my brain and my heart got same weight.  Surely I am not complaining, this is only to [...]


Me cheerfully say hello: "Hi J, what are you doing here?" and tap his shoulder.  He didn't reply.  So I repeat the greeting: "J, hey, you are so serious, what's you are up to?" This time J look at me and snapped with words I would never forget: "Shut up, you are reseh!"  Reseh is a word [...]

Carry On

By the long weekend of general election ~~where our names is not on their list~~ and easter, we went to a friend's house in Bogor.  They own a hectare of area where there are some fiels planted with different fruits trees, corn and rice.  The place was nice, in the foot of the mountain of [...]

A Productive Vacation

Last week was school holiday. Before, I don't really feel the different between school day and school holiday, because I saw the same people, handle the same things no matter what days are.  But here, in a different office, school holiday means everybody is on holiday left the office completely empty.  And nobody complaint of [...]