Guilty Feeling

One day I was sit in the exam room. I study well on it's last night so I don't have to worry of not able to answer the question ūüôā¬† Some of my friends did cheat from their notes or asked a neighbour, so I think it will be fun for me to exhanged the... Continue Reading →

Stop Domestic Violence

Two days ago, I posted about flowers.¬† I love flowers. Once I wish that the man I loved will send me one on my birthday.¬† Flowers is enough and better than any diamonds for me.¬† Wish was wish. Never I got any flowers. Today, I read this article on an Indonesian¬†woman magazine --Femina, about a... Continue Reading →

Memory Wave

Last saturday night.¬† There were a saturday night's youth gathering program.¬† The youth from our churches and some churches nearby gathered with the youth from Tangerang's area.¬† The occassion held in a church in Palem Semi.¬† Well, while watching them, take some pictures of them, there are two things hit my mind.¬† First, indeed... I... Continue Reading →

Forever Flower

Auntie Early got this flowers bouquet for her birthday last thursday.¬† She kept it in the office until Friday, then asked me to bring these to church on Saturday. When this flower is in our office, whenever I come, I always feel the fresh natural flower-scent that change my negative mood suddenly.¬† When I brought... Continue Reading →

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