Guilty Feeling

One day I was sit in the exam room. I study well on it's last night so I don't have to worry of not able to answer the question 🙂  Some of my friends did cheat from their notes or asked a neighbour, so I think it will be fun for me to exhanged the... Continue Reading →


Stop Domestic Violence

Two days ago, I posted about flowers.  I love flowers. Once I wish that the man I loved will send me one on my birthday.  Flowers is enough and better than any diamonds for me.  Wish was wish. Never I got any flowers. Today, I read this article on an Indonesian woman magazine --Femina, about a... Continue Reading →

Memory Wave

Last saturday night.  There were a saturday night's youth gathering program.  The youth from our churches and some churches nearby gathered with the youth from Tangerang's area.  The occassion held in a church in Palem Semi.  Well, while watching them, take some pictures of them, there are two things hit my mind.  First, indeed... I... Continue Reading →

Forever Flower

Auntie Early got this flowers bouquet for her birthday last thursday.  She kept it in the office until Friday, then asked me to bring these to church on Saturday. When this flower is in our office, whenever I come, I always feel the fresh natural flower-scent that change my negative mood suddenly.  When I brought... Continue Reading →

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