Rain and So

This week came with rain.  I think it is weird, since we are no longer in wet season here. Now is May, we supposedly see the spark of Summer.  The week before was so hot.  I think the Summer has an early bird. I was wrong, indeed. We are here in a don’t-know-what-season situation. Out... Continue Reading →

Let the Pile be Pile

Ever watch the series MONK?  A series tell stories about a super genius detective with a strange habit. He never touched anything before wipes his hands several times or wash it completely whole. Obsessed to cleanliness that is? Or maybe over-hygiene? Or could be phobia to germs? This lately I got a feeling that I... Continue Reading →

Checking on Clothing

I remember once, my sister, while she was studying in the University, asked me to buy her a new pair of jeans. I say yes, with one condition. She has to sorted her clothes collections ~~which is could be use for 4 season, of the many kinds of it~~, send away those she doesn't need... Continue Reading →

Don’t Know What I Want

I spent these one and half weeks at home. Due to sickness but also of a stressfull and boredom I experience in office. Here is the story. Last semester, I was involved in a  MAP test project. The first time in my school. I was the one who do all the database and monitor the... Continue Reading →

30 and 60 Minutes

There is one good thing I found from this moving.  Now, I could leave home at 6 am every morning, not 5:30 as I was. I have a luxurious 30 minutes when I could prepare breakfast and take out lunch for me and my son.  Nothing fancy, just boil some vegetables, fried some chicken or... Continue Reading →

A Promise

Jakarta is cooler this past two weeks.  I went to the office wearing my favorite jacket which I only wear like once a year in kind weather like this, or if I had to go to a different weather.  Even so, I still feel the strong wind.  Cloud are thick up in the sky and... Continue Reading →

Adjusting is Forever

Yes I somehow think I need a break.  I was too much too busy last year.  Need sometime to think, to let my mind explore itself and file its memory on its place.  Usually I have a quiet time for myself during the year, especially on my birthday.  As a complicated person, that quiet time... Continue Reading →

Everything New?

This is not the first time I moved in my life.  I was moving from home to boarding house.  From boarding house to rented house. From rented house to my own house and home.  Not so bad, right? Some said moving is a stressful activity. For me its more like an exhausting activity.  Each time... Continue Reading →

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