Can’t Remove It Now

I questioning myself about love this lately. Is my definitions right? Apparently not. Back in year 2008, somewhere among the temples in Angkor, I made a promise to myself and to God, that I won't hate my mom anymore. Many years before that, I can't really get along with her. If not of our similar [...]


Three Months Still Moving On

Saya tidak terlalu ingat apa yang terjadi dalam tiga bulan terakhir.  Rasanya hari-hari berjalan begitu cepat.  Bergulir seperti tetes air hujan di dedaunan langsung lepas landas ke tanah.  What’s new? Everything, at least for me. Hampir satu tahun yang lalu saya melamar untuk sebuah posisi.  Waktu lowongan dibuka, posisinya sama dengan posisi saya sekarang.  Tapi [...]

Blame It On The Rain

I love rain. But, not an everyday rain. Particularly, an everyday stormy rain. This year is kind a weird for us.  All through the year we had the rain. Not small rain, but a heavy one and mostly a stormy one. Usually we can expect a smaller rain from February to May then followed by [...]

Me Then My Son Now

My 10-year old son is one of the most unorganized person I ever met. I know that in general, children at his age are unorganized, but yet I still think that he was born with that character.  His shower time is about an hour with a lot of singing and talk-to-himself that drained half bottle [...]