Travelling Alone

I am a loner.   I don’t remember since when, but every year, I will take sometimes for myself to be alone.  I usually took some days to be away from my home and from my work.  Usually overseas, to new country I never visit before.  I like to learn about new things, learn about the... Continue Reading →

Rain and So

This week came with rain.  I think it is weird, since we are no longer in wet season here. Now is May, we supposedly see the spark of Summer.  The week before was so hot.  I think the Summer has an early bird. I was wrong, indeed. We are here in a don’t-know-what-season situation. Out... Continue Reading →

Steal from Friends

Did I tell the world that my work is overwhelming? Life is never somewhat balance for me. Once I got nothing to do, now I got a whole bunch of different thing. Not only my hands are full, my brain and my heart got same weight.  Surely I am not complaining, this is only to... Continue Reading →


I always think that I miss the baguette most, but today I realize I miss the pho!  Mrs. Thi Rosner serves us with a bowl of vietnamese pho this afternoon, as a farewell service because she is leaving.  She cooks herself! And those are the best ever pho I had! I had some pho from... Continue Reading →

First, Temples

My favorite places.  First, temples.  Second, churches. Third, beaches.  Lets start from the first.  Borobudur and Prambanan, central Java, Indonesia.  I went there many times but never have enough of it. I like to see the majestic form of Borobudur, climb up to the peak of it, walk through the relief bas, see each statue... Continue Reading →

Miss the Place

I visited this place last in my vacation package last December, and I found this place is my most favorite one.  My first night in the city was not so nice, I stranded in a land where almost everybody I chat with speak no English, and I don't read Chinese.  I hardly find what place to... Continue Reading →

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