It Is So Good To Be Back

I think I had this famous quote as title of my post some while ago but don't remember when. So, on Sunday, we were travelling quite far to the other side of the city. We need to pay respect to the family of one of our uncle that suddenly passed away the night before. We... Continue Reading →


I Won’t Forget

A facebook friend posted a status: Please re-posted if you will never forget the 9/11.  I didn't reposted but I surely won't forget. Eventually, after I will be settled in heaven I surely will ask God where are the people who did that! No assumption yet it is predictable, hm? But not everybody think like... Continue Reading →

Touch Screen

My son wants to buy a touch-screen mobile phone.  We actually still keep some of our old mobile phone. One with black and white screen and one with 1.3mp camera ~~the earliest version of camera-phone~~ and some others that still well working.  We will be happy if he willing to use one of those. But,... Continue Reading →


I don't like cats. For those who loves cats, please open your mind and don't throw the stone at once. Read more and fell free to tear the page only if you had completely finish. When I still live in my old house in South Jakarta area, cats are likely to sleep on our doormat... Continue Reading →

Enjoy The Best of It

The day is nearer for us to move. I myself prefer to have things settled soon as possible to enable me to breath out from the pressure of the process. But like a puzzle, I have to wait and carefully let every piece fall on its place. Though the times feels like fly but I... Continue Reading →

Steal from Friends

Did I tell the world that my work is overwhelming? Life is never somewhat balance for me. Once I got nothing to do, now I got a whole bunch of different thing. Not only my hands are full, my brain and my heart got same weight.  Surely I am not complaining, this is only to... Continue Reading →


Almost 3pm. I starred at my screen trying hard to keep focus while the excitement knowing that I would be dismissed from work in half an hour.  Something strange happen under my feet.  I don't see anything move yet I know its an earthquake. I suddenly stand, as well as some other colleague.  They left... Continue Reading →

A Big Tree

I still remember well of a big tree.  It grew in a field by my house. It might not that big, but in my childhood memory it was soooo big.  In my childhood fantasy, I was in such a forest, with that big tree as my fortress after a hunting all over the place ~~back then... Continue Reading →

Carry On

By the long weekend of general election ~~where our names is not on their list~~ and easter, we went to a friend's house in Bogor.  They own a hectare of area where there are some fiels planted with different fruits trees, corn and rice.  The place was nice, in the foot of the mountain of... Continue Reading →

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