Three Months Still Moving On

Saya tidak terlalu ingat apa yang terjadi dalam tiga bulan terakhir.  Rasanya hari-hari berjalan begitu cepat.  Bergulir seperti tetes air hujan di dedaunan langsung lepas landas ke tanah.  What’s new? Everything, at least for me. Hampir satu tahun yang lalu saya melamar untuk sebuah posisi.  Waktu lowongan dibuka, posisinya sama dengan posisi saya sekarang.  Tapi... Continue Reading →


Forgiving God II

This posting could be the most deep ever I wrote.  Forgiving is a difficult job for me.  I tend to keep everything came to my sense in a virtual file. In order. Alphabetically. And current. Means: whenever I need the facts, it will be very easy to unload. And if I don't keep it forever... Continue Reading →

My Life Is Not Mine

My friend, Santy, came to Indonesia for a holiday. She spent six weeks in Jakarta and some others city like Yogyakarta and Bali. During that six weeks, I only got a chance to see her three times.  Once, when she visit the office, we went for a lunch together.  Then, another time when we have... Continue Reading →

She won’t be Back

The church members visited the lady and pray for her. Though she was not our member, she was a regular visitor and live so nearby. She was about to admitted to the hospital for a caesarian surgery on the next day. She was nice. Talking about her plan to invite everyone for a retreat to... Continue Reading →

Who is abandon who?

The wife talked to many of our church member.  She is dissapointed by her husband's effort to their life.  Among phrases that we used to hear are: my husband is lazy, my husband has no spirit to support the family, my husband doesn't care about me, my husband lie about his income, my husband use... Continue Reading →

Precious Gift

The lady handed a small white envelope to Hiras.  My heart was beating faster.  I don't like what I see. I know it must contains money.  When Hiras told me the amount, I do felt uneasy.  I understand the lady's feeling, and could accept it well.  But, still something inside my head pounding. For these seven years... Continue Reading →


Last night we were having a mid-week prayer.  Hiras ~~as usual~~ preached. He was talking about some names written by Paul at the end of the book of Rome, as an acknowledgment of their effort and contribution. Hiras said, as a human, we are happy if our work or life is acknowledged by others. ~~particularly in... Continue Reading →

What’s In the Name – 1

Ever notice that the story mostly titled: Caleb and Joshua?  Not Joshua and Caleb? Many bible reader agree that Caleb is the center of the brave story of two Israelite's spies.  Caleb and Joshua stand against the other ten spies who gave a discouraging news about Canaan.  Caleb and Joshua are God's favors.  Joshua became the leader of the... Continue Reading →

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