What’s in a Name – 2

I still remember the bed at Mitra Keluarga Bekasi at the very day of the birth of our son. After the painful labor at about 2pm in the afternoon, I was delivered to the recovery room. Mom was beside the table and Hiras is at the end of the bed talked to Daddy who came... Continue Reading →


I feel like dreaming.  Back to the office, but my head and my mind were not here.  I left the office at 4pm on Monday two weeks ago, ahead the airport, to catch the flight to Medan. It was started with a call.  I thought it was Jeremi who had another fight and reported to... Continue Reading →


I notice from the blog-stat, that many people search by the keyword: batak. Including batak food, batak ceremony, batak wedding.  Are they that browsed orang batak? or a non-batak that interested? Should you interested to get some information based on my own experience, please visit http://fastmovers.blogspot.com.  I would prefer to blog there, because I will put... Continue Reading →

Memorable Wedding

I attend two wedding in this past two months.  Well, I am not kind of person who like to attend a wedding.  Not because I dont like those love and binding ceremony, but mostly because I don't feel comfortable wearing a formal dress and has to be in a situation where I had to fight just for... Continue Reading →

Dont Marry a Batak

24 Sep 03 Ever go to Batak wedding? Yes? Good...remember my warning, just attend, dont ever think to be involved. My brother's weeding, Fritz, was smoothly arranged and conducted from 5 am to 12 am. That is the time since the groom and bride put their make-up and dress up to the end of photo... Continue Reading →

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