Busy G(r)ower(s)

What happened when I growing up? (am I a grown up now?)

To answer that question, I dig my old diary books (yes, I keep a diaries, even now).

Here’s what I found out:

I was wrong to assess myself. I incorrectly think of my talents and my intention. When I was in the high school, I thought I wanted to be a medical doctor. I also thought that I like Biology and its related matters. I was WRONG.

My teenager life was busy on various activities: student organization, music class, church’ youth activities, and others, which left only little time for serious study. I supposed had already considered that when choose the best path I should take.

I was totally wrong when I follow my parents advice to take Accounting as my major. If I can go back to the past, I will choose Literature or Computer as my major.

As a result of those wrong thought and consideration, here am I, ended up writing this ;-p

Let me share my teenager life with you..



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