Been Here Thirty Years

Just now I was in the meeting. I hate that meeting. Even an hour after that, I still feel infuriated and annoyed. It’s been a while since she always makes my life difficult. Criticizing everything that I did, with the same line over and over. “This is never happened in the past.” or “She is just here for two years when I had been here for thirty years”

So she always think what she done is the best and perfect already. She is think too mighty of herself even 6 years after retirement she still thirst for the same position. She won’t give her position to anyone. Even she getting forgetful, can’t really follow the flow, she insisted that she did well. Perhaps, in the past. But situation changed a lot.

When I hired two years ago, the teachers are not happy because their house wasn’t take care appropriately. When I hired two years ago, the landlord are not happy because they properties rented in a very low price and allowing them no profit of anything over the repair they should make. The Facilities office not happy because each time a landlord turn down a proposal they have to do something on their own unbudgeted cost. The bosses are not happy because there are lots complaints. So my first role and responsibilities is to be a liaison to ensure everybody is balanced in happiness and responsibilities.

I think I did it right. Less complaints. Less work order (that means either complaints or request). Happier people, landlord, faculty and office staff, but not HER. She is really sharp saying “This is never happened in the past” referring to whatever I did, referring to returning houses *that is deteriorated and damaged so bad of the ages, referring to how I did the negotiation outside the office *though I paid my starbucks myself and referring to how NOBODY wants to work with me.

I wonder what awaiting her in the end of this. But I am tiredly worn out of her speech, her judgement, her staff isolation and all.


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