By Half of This Year

Half of the year went by already.

By January, I knew that this semester I have to work hard. Accomplished about 80 leases to houses, not only its agreement but also its repair is a good amount of work to makes me real busy. Not saying mentally challenging too. Talk to different people, owner, agents, vendors, faculty and staff is enough to makes my mind running, even in the middle of the night when I sleep.  But I was prepared well.

Unfortunately by April, something unexpected happened. My place of work, the international school faced some allegations. We had really challenging situation. Supposedly, I have to handle housing matters only but this time I have to face immigration officers, talked to faculty of their situation, work in team to provide bundled of documents and provide help to the legal team. It was so hard to balance the workload and makes everyone safe. My days are really long sometimes until midnight.

My days without the crisis are usually long and hectic. Add the crisis and it is become unimaginable. Hence God helped me so I can accomplished all goals well. I only have small support from my superior as they already handsfull with the crisis. Yet, I reached here.

A few note that I want to take during this period

Most people outside are really bitter about my workplace. They called it paedofil nest refer to the freedom in dress code and open attitude. Some students organization *though I doubt a real students can have time for this, rally in front of our gate said the school had to be closed. People’s comments in online media are unbearable accussing our school as a place with no moral as we dont teach Religion.

Watching and reading were mentally draining. I come home every day exhausted. I dont believe teaching Religion made the people. I studied it in every level since elementary yet I saw many people walk carelessly without integrity and respects to others. I dont believe western culture all about sins same as I dont believe revealing clothes caused rape. But it shocked me that a lot of people dont think so.

Because I was mentally tired, my attitude changes. I was easily irritated over small things and cant really handle wishy washy person. My email language become too strong and irritating the receiver. Fortunately my boss understand that thought I may looked allright and strong, beneath I was exhausted. He doesnt really think as it was a big deal. Worrisome but okay, and I appreciate it.

I took three weeks of leave out of country. The vacation help me to be balance again. Now I more relaxed, knowing that things are under control or, if not, let the storm passing by. Simple. But, I have to keep recharge myself as draining and exhausted wont help me to perform.

Another half year to go.


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