The Change

I am kind of person who tend not to believe in “blue blood”.  My bestfriend Dani is.  I believe, if people had received sufficient amount of certain level of education, we can put them in an expected class.  For instance, those high school graduate only will expected to have limited abilities, those with bachelor degree expected to extend their knowledge and wisdom,  master degree holder should be looking in a bigger frame and doctoral degree holder should think beyond the box.

Dani believes that some people, no matter how much money they made and how much upgrade to their living they had, can’t hide the fact that they was born in the dumpster.  Dani believes that some people born in aristocrat family, no matter how poor and how low their position in the society won’t be able to hide their dignity.

The longer I live more I realized that my theoretical believe is not practical as I meet more people don’t meet expectation than otherwise.  Yet, I still in it.  In that way, when I meet new people, I value them by their educational background, their skills and their experience, their talent and their wisdom.  I don’t judge people by what they wear, what brand they carry or what car they drive.  I don’t care of what family they are from,  the technocrat or aristocrat, rich or poor.  Look at Jesus Christ. He recruited his first 12 disciples from the lowest class in the society. Fisherman.  If you are a teacher or trader, you may come in the middle class, able to read and to count.  If you a governor or tax collector you may come in a higher rank as you must be rich. But fisherman? Though it is true that being a fisherman need some specific skills, no school in this world who will certified people with fisherman diploma.  The first 11 disciples most probably illiterate, makes the existence of Jude needs in the team.  But looks what happened! Christianity never faded though the foundation of this religion lied by these uneducated people.

But I have an experience that given me a shock and like-it-or-not I had to agree to Dani’s theory of blue blood.  I tried to hold my anger when found out that one of our close friend suddenly change.  From being reliable to completely ignorant.  From being teamwork player to be a solo player.  From being  cheery and funny to being cynical and exclusive.

In the past, we’ve been through some relationship spike.  From being don’t like each other, to become tolerate each other, to become communicating well with each other,  and suddenly cold for no clear reason.  I expect this friend to be mature enough to distinguish between  professionalism and childish act, to act mature with common sense other than being too sensitive.  But she just can’t.  When I don’t have patience.

Dani’s theory comes as the answer.  As this friend came from a poor family there is something she can’t really change. The realization that this world doesn’t revolve around our ego-centrism never came to her as money does matter.   She can’t understand why we are being cool about kind of things and accept financial changes well no matter profit or loss.  She is unable to understand and will never able to no matter what as values about life always connected with financial status.  She might value people by their money too and felt inferior surrounded by the-have.  Though to me it is not right,  still there is nothing I can do to change her mindset.

We cant choose our family right? But we can choose our friend.  I may not be better that her, perhaps not right either yet I can’t accept the change.


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