I Am Different Too

Meg asked me, do you not missed your old days when you are travelling around the nation and backpacking out?  I said, even thinking about  going to Singapore already exhaust me.  Gee.

I remember those old days when I spend morning and evening on flight.  Morning one hour or two hours flight to some place than evening return flight to home.  I travel to airport almost everyday.  I remember those old days when I spend two or three months away from home due to works.  When I looked into some picture that I took with those old pocket digital camera, I remember that I can spent whole day exploring the city or the rural and sleep on the bus or train going to another place.  Somehow I want to go back bring my new camera to redo the picture.  But, no, just thinking about it already makes me feels uneasy.

How I can be change like that? Dunno.

Last year I carefully talked into my husband to send my message to the church committee.  I really don’t want to be the children ministries coordinator.  Back then, taking care of children is my passion, I taught them craft, I taught them sing and music, I told them stories.  I can understand them easily and communicate with them, talk to them and laugh with them.  I was well known for my skills to teach children, even the younger ones. I just enjoy it and like to do it.

But now, thinking that I have to just teach them to sing already painful to me.  Something is wrong with me.  I don’t teach them lots of craft anymore. Before I will compile files of craft to do anytime. Lots of material.  Now, I just taught them to draw and color it. Geeh. No imagination. Rite. That’s how bored I am now.

How I can be change like that? Dunno.


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