Growing Up and Grows

I always think my son is grow up too fast.  Feel like yesterday he is a toddler who asked for milk, a little boy with clean face and spike hair who crying every Saturday fighting with another boy in church. He is now almost 14. A teenager in means.  He is not longer cling to his parents all the time  though he is not really into friendship gang. He physically taller than me, bigger hands and feet and with talents.  He is good in drawing like when he was little, but now the drawing more has meaning other than just creation of monster like creature.  He is good in music – I taught him piano and violin.  He played saxophone and possibilities still wide.

I do enjoy the time when we grows together. From a little baby he became a young teenager, and from a young woman a became a matured lady.  I lost my energy bit by bit, when I was young I can sleepless for two days and still able to stand still and concentrate on a work. Now, even if I lack a few hours sleep, I wont be functioned well in the morning.  When I was younger, I can spend half day on the field, walk from one village to another remote village in the mountain. Now, just to walk from one house to another house in the same housing complex already exhaust me.  When I was younger, I can swim, run, do round of outbound just in one day.  Now, just half hour run more than enough to burn my energy.  When those times happened to me, my son grows in energy. He who was tired just for one block walk, now can run for an hour and still feel okay.  He who got irritated if he happened to sleep late in the night, now can endure lack of sleeps well.  He who wants milk to favor his sadness now handle his emotion well.  Not easily discourage, not easily disappointed.

The more I see him each day, the more I am thankful to God for giving me this life.  The more I cant understand why people like to ignore  their children.  I saw lots of people who only busy feeding their children, 3 meals a day, breakfast lunch and dinner.  They angry at their children for children’s mistake but not praising them for achievements.  They send their children to courses or hire a private tutor.  Do they enjoy the grows-together time? I doubt.  I saw many children grown up like uneducated person.  They don’t behave and people hates them because they are too naughty.  Does their parents care? I doubt.  The parents became old with grudge and wrinkles while their children grows up became trouble.  I many times feel sad seeing those character but unable to do anything to change it as people’s family matter should not be my concern. 

Yeah, let’s enjoy mine myself


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