It Is So Good To Be Back

I think I had this famous quote as title of my post some while ago but don’t remember when.

So, on Sunday, we were travelling quite far to the other side of the city. We need to pay respect to the family of one of our uncle that suddenly passed away the night before. We arrived there, sit, talk and after two hours we went home. As we drive out the housing complex, I came with an idea. Why don’t we visit our house 6 years ago, as it is in this area. Not every day we can go. My husband like the idea and he drove us way to the road we used to use back then.

Lots has change of course. As we passed by, I point to a restaurant we used to eat and remember how our son’s is really like the fish culinary there. I point to a clinic where I and my son used to visit for our dental care.  My husband point to a small alley where he remember this family and that family lived before but now move or still in. Goes all way to our ex-house.

The housing complex looks the same, but not the same. Something had missing but I can’t tell what. Same old house that never had tenant stood in the same place. Another old house put on sale from about ten years ago, still on sale. Our ex-home was renovated and looks weird, at least to our taste. The new owner decorated it with wooden javanese thing perhaps to give traditional spirit but yet it lost the simple means. The other house next to ours which usually was my best partner to take care of my son looks rotten like nobody had lived there for few years. I wonder if the family had moved out. I just lost contact with them. One and others and more memories came back and flooded us with feeling of grateful.

One best memories to our son is the martabak. This special culinary he never tastes any ever better than what we bought in this place before. Guess what. The vendor is now selling from his new outlet. He still remembers my husband and few talks about these 6 years development were exchanged.

My husband never stop saying how good he felt. How happy he is because he can return to this place. When we reached home, we told our son of our journey and give me the martabak he likes. He looked at the food as grumpily asked: “Why don’t you bring me along?”

We will be back again son.



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