Stop Crossing the Ocean

I read the quote in Pinterest, said This is time for you to stop crossing the ocean for people who won’t even jump a puddle for you. Gee, that’s exactly what I felt sometimes ago. I had crossed the stormy ocean for some people in the last church I served.  But others than felt saved, they cursed and prayed for my unluckyness (I believe). They were (and are) not happy to hear that I am fine and good, expect to hear that I am sad and sick! I should have forgive them and forget them, but still some feeling carried away until now.

Same thing in the office thing. I feel like I had to stop crossing the ocean for this fellow team member. He never thankful enough by showing a goodwill, otherwise he kept on throw things back to my desk, acted like he was a victim of war by carried around a long face, never willing to take ownership of the work and letting me to handle things. I don’t mind as long as the work come out well, but I do mind knowing that his payroll is more than me.

Salary is a big thing for me. I learn some of the people in the office are not confident, and throwing burden to me as I proven to be able to handle situation. I learn some of the people unwilling to take ownership and blame everything back to their bosses who doesn’t know they are not functioning. I learn when these people receive the same figure as me or even more, I did much more work. Not only workload, but also decision-wise. Doesn’t fair, of course. I wish there is something I can do to make it fairer…listen to the quote is kind of good idea. These people doesn’t even wiling to jump the puddle for me, why I should care? Strike!

December is here, time for happiness, party and glory. I decide to sit back, as most of the work I’ve done this year comes out well. I feel this is the very first time I can completely proud of my own effort, that people in my team really appreciate me and accept me as I am. I won’t let anything disturb the peace.

Time to stop crossing the ocean.



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