Wow Number One and Two

What I call reward is this.

Big boss once acknowledged my hard work. When we had a small meeting, me, supervisor and him, he told me directly: I would like to say it again, that your hard work is really good. I do appreciate that. Wow number one.  I knew big boss told everyone that if the quality of work is this good, next year he doesn’t have to do inspection himself and just let me handle it. I knew he told everyone he never saw things as tidy with high rate of satisfaction. Hear him says the word makes me jump in happiness.

Big trust. I am happy. Telling everyone, good sign.

I am working with another boss. Boss told me: I would like to thank you for your hard work to put these system in place. This result won’t never be the same without your intervention. Now that we had system, everybody is happy and you got their respect. I would like to apologize to put you in such trouble because of the incompentency of my team. Wow number two. I knew he told his team over and over how they had to follow me, they had to listen to me and praise me when the team get scolded 😛 He took my success as a case study for presentation to management and in a very short time my achievement is popular.

Listen to those words and experience the acknowledgement made me forget the pain. The night when I can’t sleep well because there are too many things is inside my head. The noon when I skipped my lunch because I had to run to different houses to give different instructions and make assessment. The long hours I spent in the office to make plans. The long hours I spent in front of my computer to ensure all data necessary updated. The pain in my feet because I have to walk all day long from one house to another house, to one room to another room. The pain in my back because even after working hours, I am still typing the reply to my tons of emails. The stress when I got tons of complaint and request…

Ready for the wow number three?


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