High and Up

Two months rolling over fast with its pain and problems. Now, it is almost hitting the end line. How happy I’ll be when this all over?

Our team consist with 4 people including the manager who also oversee of other works related. At the beginning of the year, when I was still learning and adjusting, I didn’t really mind when this particular one co-workers keep asking me to decide on things. But, then, when the load getting higher and I have to focus on my specific responsibilities, I can’t bear it anymore. There where the conflict start. When I asked him to inspect several houses, he rejected and made complaints and request for additional people for help. I ended up doing the inspection myself! And worse to that, second and third inspection up to final, I ended up just by myself. He then apparent to do something else but later *today, he messed the perfect work that I did. Can I be angry?

He messed up with arrangement that I did by making his own arrangement. He answered email confusedly and caused conflict. It is really difficult to make him understand the nature of coordination and teamwork. Through meetings, even I had been really harsh and flat, he still can’t get it. Sigh.

Fortunately, the outcome is really good by a praise comes from the big boss himself. He satisfy with my selection of house, he praised the condition of it and even thinks that next year he will fully rely on me.

What is also good things I should note here also, Finance Manager who usually had no confident in me now totally change. She knows I work honestly with high ethic and seriously put quality first. Now, money is not so a problems anymore.

It is always good when all efforts, sweats, tears, long hours and tiredness paid off.


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