Scream It Out, Loud!

Even from early this week I already feel like living in somewhat crazy factory.  Problems line-up in my inbox like no end.  I was always exhausted come home everyday after a hectic day full of conflicts,  meetings and never ending problems.  I know working in this kind of real-time service work frame is somewhat will trying my peaceful nerve, I expected to be a sane head to keep the customer happy, I prepared for grumpy and high toned conversation but really I don’t prepare for conflict with my fellow office colleagues.

Since the beginning of my job, some people already not enthusiastic. They said: We’ve been doing this many many years and over and over, we don’t understand why we should let her do this differently.  They also said: Our method is the best one as it is low price. I don’t dare to say anything at the beginning, but eventually with the same saying again again toward my big boss during meetings, I once told them straight. You know what? Things are problematic now because you or other person before me didn’t do it as expected. They certainly not doing their job! *Sharp teeth.

They know that is true but still grumpily complain to my boss or big boss. Fortunately big boss really confident to me and back me up all the way in all matters. Whenever there are conflict.

Once, I negotiate with a landlord not to raise their price too much and waive their duty to pay notarial. I talk to my boss about that and they agree with me as that’s sound as a best strategy toward this special landlord. Finance against it and keep telling me to tell them to pay. Big boss said, we pay and period.  No further comment.

Unfortunately, I was away when signing time. I got a report later that Finance still force the landlord to pay the notarial fee. Sigh. And to avoid problem, the broker decide to pay it, as the amount of the money is not much. It is only a way to show that we would like to cooperate and keep good long term relationship.

I always keep my timeline well. No deadlines passed without I succeessfully done before it. But, those people in Finance of their no confidence toward my work, keep on nagging and complaining — to my big boss —  If they can’t really find my fault according to timeline, they complain my fault regarding some un-faulty things in my documentation or correspondence *if I do it differently doesn’t mean it is wrong*

One day when I was tired handling those, I just scream out loud HYAAAAA.  This old fashion method really doesn’t suit me and habit to look into people fault certainly doesn’t fit me.

But, out of those pain and headache, I know I had such a great big-boss who always back me up.  Not Hyaa here but YEEESSS.


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