I Still Don’t Like Being Underestimated

Yesterday was raining hard all night. I thought Jakarta will be flooded again, but hence it is not. Today, all clear dry and hot.  The only same things is that when I call the transport office, the number of taxi available is rare 😛

The words that I hear lately is really vary.  From, You are awesome! You are great! You are terrific! You are giving new hope! from people around me, my colleagues, boss and big boss and eventually from others that received such a good helpful service … to…. facial expression showed nature to underestimate and not appreciating.

I know the nature of my job is weird.  Many years since my childhood even until now people will refer me as a “non-social”. That’s how they refer my nature of not smiley, straightforward, unable to hide my opinion and my inflexibility to show happy face when I am upset.  My mom is the hardest person in the world to scold me – you are cold! you are not nice! you won’t be success and so other many words of her denial having a daughter that is not shining like a joker.

I applied for two job before this *weird again that this current job I have I never dream or apply*.  When interviewed, they really asked me of what I want, be in front or in backstage, be behind the scene or be the actor. I found myself unable to answer those question straight. I don’t want to be in backstage forever, but I will be tired be the actor the following all direction only. So, where am I? Because of my inconsistency *I assume* the interviewer lost their confidence on me.

Now, I am in front line.  Talking to landlord and/or agent negotiating price of house lease.  Meeting with different people and using different strategies each. I can’t tell that I am a failure, since I’ve been negotiating at least 50 of houses, with its big waves and trouble I still managed to keep all things in its right track. I don’t offend anybody, keep new and better relationship by doing what looks like an easy job in different way and bring different result. I heard the history about nobody able to ask anything from the landlord, either repair or maintenance. Now, with me in, most of the landlord agree to repair and maintenance even to its maximum renovation. It is not only amazed me, but many people who’ve been witnessing a different matter in previous years. I also can’t tell that I just in the stream as I make many different quick decision that change.

Am I that good? I don’t dare saying it as I am a believer that knowing all abilities and talents I had is from God and He is the only one who enable me.  But, knowing that me – saying it again me – who was knowing well as the most non-social person now become the public relation person is a wow.  A person who people think is blankly straightforward now knowing well as the most sugar-coating speaker. WHAT?

Is that an accomplishment? Is that a progress? I don’t know.

My days are hectic with works and my brain works. I live lively. That’s all to me.

Like I said earlier, though things change that way, it doesn’t prevent some certain people to keep their facial expression in underestimating mode.  Sigh. That’s my challenge now. Keep my sanity with these kind of people somehow.


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