What Don’t Kill You

Last night I met my ex-boss.  It doesn’t take long for me to know that he was a good employee was to the school I worked. Despite his weakness, he was loyal and only contribute his best toward the work. I had another boss before him that was apparent to be nice but did confusing many people. Who was aparrent to be kind but have no guts to change lousy policy. Who was receive a lot of farewell party but inherited us with problems. Who I thought was care but not even invite me to his farewell. This ex-boss that I tell you about doesn’t received as many farewell party but he didn’t left us with unsolved problem. Haha. Though I never consider him as a good boss I think he is a best ex-boss.

When we were working together we were many times in different ways. He is reactive, I am well planned. He accepts all critics, I am selective. He thinks I spend too much time on non-technical matters like facebook and twitter, I think he is nosy. He thinks I don’t have attention to details, I think he doesn’t trust my integrity. Fortunately, at the later time we can sort out things and accept each other vision.

So after six months apart last night we catch up. It is obvious that the three of us, my ex-boss, my colleague and me having a better challenge. The three of us went to three different direction with one similarity, the challenge is much more bigger than before. If our previous challenge was cats and dogs, current challenge is storm as big as tsunami. He is now a director, my colleague is secretary to deputy head and myself a housing liaison.  Each of us receive bigger responsibility, higher position and greater problems. What interesting is, we don’t looks shabby and tired, nor stressed out or depressed. The three of us looks good with fantastic appearance and brighter smile.  The burden doesn’t kill us!

Who sing that? What don’t kill you make you stronger?


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