Hey, Elementary!

Suddenly out of the blue I remember my Elementary years.  I was not a popular girl and was really shy. I don’t have many friends and many times just play with myself.

Our teacher in Elementary had some unimaginative idea about desk-mate. They will do the seating arrangement, and many times will seat a girl and a boy in a same desk. I don’t object that idea. But, come on, let think carefully here, what was their goals? So the girls and the boys don’t feel awkward toward each other? Hellow, we have brothers and sisters and we don’t live in a nunnery. So the girls and the boys can be friend? That’s another thing that is not happened in our case.

When we were in 4th grade we got a new student move from the island of Kalimantan.  She is quite pretty and I think she knows that and get arrogant about the beauty. Her father come to Bandung as an upgrade students send from the University where he work. They live in a small house in an alley not so far from my house.

At the beginning, our friendship is quite okay. Later, we learnt she grows more and more snob perhaps as the teachers not comply to her beauty. She participated in a Singing Competition and got lost, but the applause from the audience when she performed was a blast.

When we were in the 6th grade, I think, she overreacted.  Our teacher really like to tell us to make a group and do a group assignment.  In such a freedom, I am loss as I don’t really think anyone wants me in their group. So inferior. But the teacher never help. I somehow ended up being in a group with three boys. These three boys known of they being the lowest rank in class.  Sigh me being in same groups with these morons? Haha. Good for them I can do all assignment well by myself and they can just copy mine.

But one day, a girl, the first rank in our class asked me if I want to join her group. What a day! That the most precious offer I ever accepted in six years of my education there! I say yes. Her group consist of her, two boys that happened was my desk-mate when we were in 5th Grade and 3rd Grade and the arrogant girl. The beauty princess knowing this adjustment is not so happy thinks being in a group with a weird like me and said she is out of the group. My new friend say it is not a problem, they prefer to keep me than her. Wow. You know how it felt? The first rank, Willina, and I became a very good friends during our last year in Elementary school. She really likes the facts that I am a better piano player than her. She asked me to teach her and we enjoyed time when we share our knowledge and secrets. The other two boys supported me since they know I am not a stupid head and we had good time on our assignment too.

Well, back to the beauty princess.  I saw her picture in one of my Elementary classmate’s facebook. Suddenly remember her, googling all the way and find no trace. What happened to her? I really want to know.

When I grow up later, I know being a daughter of a professor is not a big deal no matter how pretty I am.  I was supposedly be the arrogant one as I live in a big house and my father have cars. Haha.  Though she may be pretty but we all known now that beauty can be make-up.

Where is she?


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