I Won’t Forget

A facebook friend posted a status: Please re-posted if you will never forget the 9/11.  I didn’t reposted but I surely won’t forget. Eventually, after I will be settled in heaven I surely will ask God where are the people who did that! No assumption yet it is predictable, hm?

But not everybody think like me. Another facebook friend posted a status: people keep remembering one tower that fall but ignoring those killing in Iran and Afghanistan. Aaah.  So sorry to hear there are still people killing people in any part of this world, yet I, personally will keep remember the 9/11 no matter people choose to forget that.  And sorry I can not be more sympathy to Afghanistan as I know their own government doesn’t really protect their own people from poverty, sickness, and danger particularly the woman and the children.

I will be side by side by those people who campaign for peace. yes. I will agree with those who carry the mother and infant health as priority, in regulation and practice. yes.  I will be donating for those who work with the needy’s children education. yes.  I will applause those who stand for man and women equalization (yes, sorry still don’t get the idea why the women prohibited to vote, or to drive a car or to have education and why women not allowed to love and just accept a forced relationship).  That’s why even not every american is like what I quoted above, but knowing many of them are the same person as me, I will remember the 9/11.

I can’t be agree to have your anger throw by killing other people.  I can’t be agree to have your mission accomplished by made thousand people died.  I can’t be agree to take other’s life and other’s rights by thinking the God himself will approve their harmful action.

One of our fellow in the office was the victim of a Bali Bomb attack.  I don’t know him or his family personally, but at that time our prayer goes to his wife and little children.  Our hearts torn of losing him that way.  Grieving and get over with life won’t be easy for his family.  We fully understand and sad for her.  Yet, I don’t really know why I shouldn’t remember that event or why shouldn’t  we make a memorial every year or so?

As a free person with broad-mind, I still sometimes hurt when people think differently. Please, I will remember the 9/23. Hope it won’t happen again.  In any part of the world.


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