Love is Blind, True

I watched a Korean Movie titled: Love and Mind.  A story *fiction* about a man that suffer a vision problem after car collision.  He saw an ugly woman as a goddess.  She was not that ugly, of course, we are talking about movie here 😛 she just have messy teeth and messy eyebrows. 

Some says: Love is blind.

Nothing is so blind when one fall in love and saw their lover as the most beautiful creation in this world.  Did I blind?  Could be.  But, from the beginning, I choose my life partner not based on look nor money.  I was hundred percent in healthy assessment through the multiple shaded of personality and dig through multiple layers of options.  When the summary went to a conclusion, I don’t look back and just accept the result with a big heart. 

 But I think it is true  that love is blind.

When love was blind?

It is now.  Once I choose him I blind.  I am no longer make any assessment as I accept anything I got as it is.  Eventually when something went wrong, I still blind, and forgive it easily.  Salomon said, Love is stronger than death.  Paul said, Love covers everything.  Not only messy teeth or messy eyebrows.

More and beyond.  To the unlimited horizon, of love.


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