Hang In Unfairness

A friend of mine wrote me an email said “Your friend *read this cynically* came over to visit our office, but she didn’t care to say hi or goodbye to me.  She only make a show-off that she is a good friend with my boss by a loud laughter in my boss’ office” 

Before I wrote her a reply I think to myself.  Why it is so annoying when someone make a show-off like that? 



What? I want to make a show-off myself? Not my style.

Or, I want to befriended a boss?  Sigh. Maybe if I one of the boss myself.:P

Or, *dig deeper* I want to be like her.  Oh yes, could be.  See her.  An un-mature women five years older than me.  Why I said she is un-mature? Because she is racist and underestimating people.  Fortunately, she has a rich husband.  A husband who pay for her branded bags, her Blackberry and her travel toBangkok.  Though the computer system was created by me, she  is the one that has all the chance to boasting of her busy role to the bosses *and get the credit and get befriended*  About this kind of woman, when in conversation with my colleague, I sometimes rolled my eyes and say: what will they be without their rich husband? They certainly have not superb just by themselves!

Yet, in this unfair world, they live better than many other women that struggling their days just to feed the family and they acted snobbishly underestimating.  Made me and my colleagues bit our tongue hope  a bigger hand will get rid of her.

Some people think I am snob.  I am not.  I am proud.  And, more important, I have something to be proud about.   About myself.  How many women you know talented enough to played three kind of musical instruments, for instance?  Yet, I know it will be annoying if I keep highlighted that to people, right?  And when I don’t have any talent and just a so-so employee? Surely annoying, even more, disgusting.

I wrote back to my friend: “I know that fella is annoying. She might forget that this life is sometimes like a wheel.  Once you are down, sometimes you are up.  Comfort yourself.  Hang in there.”


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