Dream and Real

I dreamt that I went swim.  As a repeated dream with same theme, I went swim in the lake, in the pool or in the sea.  Each time I feel the water covers my body and gave me a soothing feeling. 

I googled to Freud.  Dream interpretation.

It says that I might have longing to return to the peaceful mother’s womb that filled with water.  Or in another words, it may explain my experience as a fetus. Scientifically make sense.  Yet I can tell any Freudians that I was a swimmer when I was young and now I might longing to get back to be one. 😀

If I look back, surely I don’t really think I want to get back to be a baby.  Though almost all people think being teenager was the best time of their life, they would agree that being an responsible adult give more chances for happiness. 

Being a adult, particularly with a profession,  gave people a sense of importance.  See, in this big world, there are much people live meaningless. They just follow the stream, with not much dream.  I know many young people around me that don’t care of continue their study to any higher institution think that God had the fate for them to be poor.   They don’t care  to make themselves valuable at least to their family. Sigh.  I also know a lot of women who doesn’t really have plan for their life nor their child, and just live from day to day.  They might be loved by their family, but to my experience, their ignorance poisonously spread over their children and returned them with no love at all.  When some other had advanced their mindset and has dreams that leads them to a job, a position and money that secured their dignity.  And when some other has even bigger dreams that brought them to be famous and meaningful not only to their family but to the world. 

Job, position and salary do makes people’s life different. More meaningful. At least for their secured family that grown from the money earned.  Good job and position gave a strong contribution to pride, again, for a meaningful life. 

Back to the dream.  I am sure I don’t miss my baby experience.  Though I might felt that was the most secured time in my life, when my parents responsible for all I need and I only need to cry to communicate 😛  But no, thanks, I may want to revisit my childhood but certainly not that period.


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