House and Chores

I believe many housewive or stayed-home mom grow an obsession. Like me.

In these twelve years, I moved to four different houses, use three different set of sofa and dining table, bought four computers, four different set of curtains, many different set of bedsheet and dont-know-how-many changes in home decoration things. When a maid worked in my house, I never satisfied with their works. I made a regular check to the inside of the drawers, back of the curtains, beneath the cupboards or above, to find out that their task didnt finish perfectly.  Then I decided to do my home myself.  I have no complaint anymore but the tiredness of having everything tidy and clean.

I can’t leave the home with dishes in the sink. I have to wash it first.

I can’t happily leave home without hang the laundry.  So I wake up early in the morning to have laundry processed.

I can’t feel safe leaving home with dirty clothes all around, with food still on the table or on the stove.  Than to think about it all over on the way to the office, I decided to run over to have everything ready and safe the last 5 minutes for shower and make-up.  For me, better to have a nice house than to have a pretty face *aah, not really. I think I can do the make-up things in the car. Glad I don’t drive myself 😛

But I realize up to a point I become too obsessed.  When realizing it, I slow the pace and sometimes close my eyes when seeing my son’s book all over the table or the room.  But, in a period of two or three days, the obsession come back and would make me yell at my child seeing the messy behavior.

I may worry of what people will think if they see my house.  I may afraid they think that I am not a good woman, a good housewife or a good mom upon seeing my messy house.  I may made my own standard too high. Whatever it is, I feel this is not right.

Is there a cure for this?


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