Travelling Alone

I am a loner.  

I don’t remember since when, but every year, I will take sometimes for myself to be alone.  I usually took some days to be away from my home and from my work.  Usually overseas, to new country I never visit before.  I like to learn about new things, learn about the culture, feel the atmosphere, see  the beauty of the nature and heritage and absorb a new energy to be me myself. 

Nothing more better for me that spend 8-10 hours in a day to walk around.  For instance, in Thailand, I like to walk around the Wats.  Temples are some of few places that I like to see and to be in.  Beautiful places and peaceful air.  In Cambodia, I surely will walk all days in the ruins of Angkor.  The moldy smell is comfortable not disturbing to me.  Each end of the day I would have to download the pictures from my camera as it is full.  In Vietnam and Hong Kong, I love the bay and the city.  In Macau I love the churches and spent hours to explore each church, photographing each altars and sit quietly for an hours or two.  

The temples and the churches made me talking to God.  Have a intimate conversation that will never shared to any man in this world.  Listen to His softly voice inside my heart and have my burden somewhat taken away.  In those places and in those time I totally forget about house-chores, about food to prepare, groceries shopping not done, house cleaning and laundry that being a measurement of my success to be a mother. 

In those nice places where I observed the beauty of the earth I forget the emails not answered, the faculty’s inquiry and blame to taken care, the curriculum, the budget, the books order that keep me busy 8 hours in the office.  I just feel close to God, and simply forgetting and forgiving anyone ever made mistake towards me.  

Those time when I don’t need to speak to anyone, I speak to my creator.  Those time when I eat by myself I absorb the nutrition slowly with a grateful praise.  Being a loner only make my soul isolated but not my spirit.


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