Out of nowhere. Suddenly.  My mom told me: I am giving the piano for you.  When do you think you can take that? 

I have four siblings.  When we were young as children in our parent’s home, we were all learned to play piano.  But after years gone by, apparently its only me who successfully able to played it.  After five years using an ancient version, my dad bought a new piano. So, after my Dad passed away seven years ago, I asked my mom if I can have the piano.  Then, my mom say yes.  But, just few days after that retrieve the approval said that my little sister wants to learn how to play. 

I was sick and sad.  The heartache needs sometime to heal.  I mean, from everything my Dad left, I only want the piano.  With a good reason, that I am the only able to function it.  

Four years ago, I bought a piano myself.  I my own money to buy an old piano.  I love it much.  I can play at home, I can teach my son and surely I enjoy the presence of it.  Now, why suddenly my mom changed her mind? 

But I was not let myself to think twice.  I say yes, and within two weeks, I moved the piano to my house.  As my own piano I sell with a good price to a fellow who needs it.  Now, I have a piano that was walking through the time with me in the past.  That was exactly the same piano  that I practice with during my piano examination.  That was certainly the same thing the I played with to prepare for concert performance.  Same  tune, same sound and same feeling. 

I might not able to return to the past *and surely not wished too.  But this piano is a revisit to a dream in my future.


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