Too Fast

Today I would like to talk about myself.  cool Haha, like I never did.  That’s the big thing about writing in my own personal blog. I can talk about myself as much as I like, am I? And I certainly can talk all about my greatness not my lack.  waiting ~that’s why I felt so irritated when people blamed me on what I wrote here.  though the case had happened about two years ago I still want to say to them: Hey, wake up, be grown up and be real!~

I many times thought that this brain given to me is my power yet my enemy.  I could think what other couldn’t don't tell anyone.  I started to get a new idea when most people still settling their place.  That’s why I’ve been  called creative, called innovative or called an out- of-the-box-er. rock on! Yes, I like to be called that.  When most students thought of the same blue color to paint the sea and the land, I choose green. Who said the result will be weird? It wasn’t. It made my piece unique and rather interesting.  When most student read their poem flat, I read them with expression. They laugh at me for sure. But who got the price? Surely not them.

Ten years ago, I bought most of  my collections of picture books from a website that now closed their shipping to Indonesia I don't want to see ~too many of the shipping lost in the post office, I can not blame them~ Recently, one of our friend tell me excitedly: “You know, this is the era of online shopping, I just tried to buy something and very happy with the result. You have to try too!”  I starred at her tried to think about something smart to say other than  “Hellow, where have you been?”  But she might definitely better than other friend who asked me: “Do you think it is wise to do an online shopping?” d'oh

Other side of being ~~sometimes~~ fastmover is:  when you’re doing it, people think you are crazy.  And when you are not doing it anymore, people think you’re behind the times.

Ten years ago, I started my path to exploring the world I am in.  I started with Jakarta, its museums, its old historical city, its culinary and else.  When I have the chances to explore more as I worked nationwide, I eagerly spent my time to explore different places on my own expenses.  I love took pictures, seek the history and mingle with the culture.  I also start to wisely spend on overseas trip. That’s all for the sake of see more and experience more with a hope to be wise more.

With the run of inexpensive flight operator, now those trips are more feasible.  More and more people travelling around, not only nationwide but also overseas. They post their holiday pictures in the facebook let everybody knew about it.  Then some people then tell me:  “Hey, you have to go too, it will be fun!”  Ah, sure I know.  But I really annoyed with the looked-down mode, and the thought that  I am not belong to their high-end group because I don’t seem to follow the trend. Sigh.  Let me tell you something, I am a person who almost never post holiday picture in that amazing FB. pirate*

What do you think will be the best reply?

“I am sorry, but I have a different interest now” liar


“Yeah, maybe another time.” sigh


“Hellow, where have you been?”devil

Unfortunately I am not kind of those hellow-where-have-you-been type.  Most of the time I only sigh and reply maybe-another-time.  not worthy That’s because I always feel that my wisdom and my experience is not something to tell people about.  My knowledge and my past is not something to boasted about.  True.

So when I found a naive people look down on me again, I might just say: “Time Out” time out

I am a fastmover who wish to slow my pace. oh go on



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