Certainly Not Fate

Every person ever read this blog must know of my hidden anger ~~not really hidden as it is in the surface but not erupted. what?~~ to a person in my office.  She hold the best position in human resources department but successfully create an un-human department by sending bitter emails, give demoralizing comments, wearing the same black outfit everyday and fail to seek to understand.

Ehm. To notes her deficiency will take more than an hour to write. More to it, I am not interested to write others fault knowing that I have many myself too ~~santa mode on~~  But a somewhat good ~~for me and the rest of us being mentally bullied~~ happen this December.  She kicked out from the office.  Rumor been around about two months or so about how the board of management forced her to depart the office.  Majority employee who doesn’t like her cross their finger and heads up.

Just yesterday an email from the Head formally say, she is out!

Yay? or Hooray?

Hm? or What?

Most of my heart feel relieve. Sigh. There won’t be annoying email anymore.  Nothing such as demoralizing comments that blue-ing our sunshine.  Nor a mis-judgement,  comparison between apple and orange, a forced grateful for coffee, tea and toilet tissue ~~owh, you might raise your eyebrows now. Yes! We got an email that tell us to be grateful for those three item~~

Now, losing those makes me thinking to be thankful of?

In some of my heart I want to make a comments about that how the wicked lady end.  A good example to teach children how those not nice people ended, so children take a lesson learn to always be good.  Like what bible said, what you sow what you reap.  But yet, I also understand that in this world many of nice people suffered kind the same fate.  Makes the skeptic said, then what the need of being nice if the fate won’t takes sides? Ha.

Philosophical arguments surely can be repeated over and over to different sides of the story with no satisfying conclusion. This topic in hot the office as two sides conflicting. I don’t take sides, yet still deciding.  Certainly not fate, but certainly relieving. What else should I wish?


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