Excess Energy

I suddenly struck to a thought. Why for these many years I labeled myself a busy-growers and a fast-movers? That’s true that I moved so fast, like I have a personal competition with the lightning. It’s true that these years I always found more than just activities.  I run myself from one event to another event, do multitasking work, use my multi-talent and then got exhausted but happy at the end of the day.

But does it ever because I was hyperactive.  Hey, that could be!  I remember my childhood as a sweating-always because I run all over the house and places.  I always a never-exhausted explorer and I couldn’t live with just sit nicely watching TV ~~in matter of fact I don’t really like watch TV.  My parents and people around me kept telling me to be quiet and carefully sit.  Result of my restless habit and too many focus is then being not focus in my study and my career.  Makes me what me now 😛  I remember that I have to swim for about an hour, play basket another half hour, walking back forth home and school by foot, then practice music including piano lesson and singing, then only after that’s all, at almost the end of the day I would be able to sit and study. Hufh. Now tell me why I wasn’t the brightest student at school 😛

Surely now I wish I could back to few years ago when my work is under the sun not behind the desk like now. I really need this excess energy to release. Sigh. I wish I can back to the workout in the morning to be less restless.  To let this excess energy worn out before I sit to do my (paper) work.

As my life is contented and I become more and more understand of myself, a question still in me:  Why I still feel not happy? Owh.


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