Touch Screen

My son wants to buy a touch-screen mobile phone.  We actually still keep some of our old mobile phone. One with black and white screen and one with 1.3mp camera ~~the earliest version of camera-phone~~ and some others that still well working.  We will be happy if he willing to use one of those. But, surely he doesn’t think so. Though he still a 5th grader, he thinks the touch-screen is what he needs.

Ffiuh. What an era. Back to year 1990-s when mobile phone is still an advance technology, I don’t have the luxury to choose what brand and what model. The earliest model of mobile phone is likely a handy-talkie radio. Big and thick, equipped with pull-out antenna. Whenever we received a call, we pull the antenna to make sure our conversation will goes smoothly. We would not be able to make calls inside the elevator. To buy a subscription from the provider, we have to apply by submitting a copy of our ID card and family registration card including some fee that will be approved at least 7 days.   Carrying a mobile phone surely makes you feel rich.  Haha. How funny to remember those old days. I was really thankful when able to carry the mobile phone. It surely gave me a freedom from those public phone.

Why public phone?

Seeee. Before that years, I remember using beeper.  That’s a funnier communication method for me.  We call the operator and tell him/her what message we would like to send to someone’s beeper.  Somehow it is funny and maybe embarrassing.  Try to tell an operator some love words: I love you! or I really miss you! then on another five minutes another messages: I am really mad at you! or If you don’t call me within this five minutes I’m going to kill you! ~~aissh~~ and then at the end of the conversation tell them your name as an identity.  I imagine those operator somehow might think the message they typed are crazy ~~but maybe most of the time they just plainly type it and don’t laugh at it anymore :P~~

When I received the message I have to hurried get to the phone to contact the message sender. Here the point when I get to hate public phone.  Two of three public phone is not working. I have to walk a block or so just to find one.  Crazy to all is when I finally got a working one, I can not reach the person and have to call the operator again for another message 🙂

Back to touch-screen. Owh.


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