Blame It On The Rain

I love rain.

But, not an everyday rain. Particularly, an everyday stormy rain.

This year is kind a weird for us.  All through the year we had the rain. Not small rain, but a heavy one and mostly a stormy one.

Usually we can expect a smaller rain from February to May then followed by a dry season that we called summer from June to September.  A bigger then wet season would follow after that until end of January when we fed up with the water and wanted sunshine badly.

That cycle we called dry season-wet season. Summer and Rainy. Now, what will you call a continuous heavy rain all through the year? Perhaps crazy season?

I, who usually loves the rain now started to get a headache see the clouds. I imagine the wet roads, traffic jams (Jakarta is always on traffic-jammed-mode, true, but with rain it fall to the worst state), flood and so-on. I, who not usually like to hang-out due to this traffic situation become fully skipping those social events.

The list goes on to, I, who usually like to jog around the housing complex now unable to fill my exercise time well. I started to watch television which filled with corruption news and silly debates instead of using those slot productively. Sigh. I, who usually keep a high spirit now feel more dizzy and sleepy throughout the day.

Blame it on the rain. Yeah yeah.

Please return our summer. Yeah yeah.

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