Me Then My Son Now

My 10-year old son is one of the most unorganized person I ever met. I know that in general, children at his age are unorganized, but yet I still think that he was born with that character.  His shower time is about an hour with a lot of singing and talk-to-himself that drained half bottle of shampoo and soap. He unable to be multitasking. Each time we have to keep telling him: Hurry! yet he took more time that necessary to hum or mumble around.

When I was 10 I already an organized person. You might not believe that, yet that is true. As the oldest of five siblings, I didn’t get much attention from my parents.  My after school activities was not controlled by them. I can spend the whole afternoon playing around if I want. Yet, I divide my time well among the homework, playground, piano practice and TV.  I manage my own clothes and uniform myself. Take my meal at its time whenever I think I suppose to.  I was like a shadow at home. Silently move. I sometimes think that if I don’t do something naughty my parents won’t notice my presence.

That’s the difference between me-thousand-years-ago and my son now. A good lesson learned between me-the-organized-yet-stressfull with my son-slow-enjoying-and-don’t-care.

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