Life Cycle

I still feel so tired. Office work is too much to carry at this kind of time. I stole sometimes to write these entry and everytime turn to my desk, I found the piles are not getting shorter. Huh.

As an impulsive eater, I know that this kind of critical time when I mostly have the tendency to eat. Anything. Though I am still in the line of no-meat but my sugar intake will rising up. I like apple cake, apple pie, cheese cake, blueberry and cheese cake, strawberry and cream cake, chocolate cake, mocca blend, cheese roll cake.. haha…just name it. In my ‘sober’ time I only took a small cut use the edge of the spoon just for the taste. But at this time, I took a good portion, a big slice and enjoy it without any guilty feeling. Hm.

Wait a second, I already did the phase since a month ago! I enjoyed tortilla, corn-chips, chicken-pie, ramen, pasta with cream, pancake with maple syrup and cream, wheat bread, spring rolls, rice, pizza and many of those that I used to avoid.  Owh. No wonder I feel something really wrong when I wear my outfit. Haha. No wonder it is getting tight!

But this is life cycle isn’t it?

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