Life Stop Here

A brother of my sister-in-law passed away today.  I read my sister-in-law post in facebook but yet don’t think that the situation was bad. I called her just to hear a very very bad news.  I hate to hear a young man die and particularly when it is a sudden death and none could tell what happened.  Why him? He is a young man with a bright future. He is a person with a happy and kind personality.  Why we have to lost him.  Why not those bad guy, the thief, the robbers, the bomber, the terrorist?

I am sad yet I and the rest of the family has to accept the reality.  We have to accept that this world is really a chaos when we can not expect the best and can not tell what better.  Tears not soothing the feeling yet gave a continuing restless and headache.

Their parents who domiciled in Sumatera island want their children to be brought to them. I left my office quite early around 10am to see the body and meet the family members. An afternoon with much tears following then a journey to send the body, together with his sister and brothers that as another battle. Jakarta was too much too crowd caused a bad traffic after the rain. We are in a long frustrated trip to pack the suitcase and to catch a flight.  Imagine the sorrow, tears, battle, mixed feelings that evening add to the pack of tiredness I haven’t recover yet.

*Goodbye Incen.

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